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Sangria to cool you Sangria to cool you Amalfi - St Andrew's Cathedral Amalfi - St Andrew's Cathedral Capri - Celebrating San Costanzo Capri - Celebrating San Costanzo Capri - Sunrise from the honeymoon suite Capri - Sunrise from the honeymoon suite

Looking for something special?

If you are looking for something more than just a wonderful day at sea, for yourself or as a special gift for someone to cherish, Capri Boats offers a range of premium quality excursions.


Lucullus – savour the flavour

Sample the wines and cuisine of the Amalfi coast. Dine in a small fishing village on the mainland, at a fancy restaurant or in one of the excellent family-run places characteristic of the area, right on the shore. A gourmet’s delight.


Sagra – party with the locals

Join in the fun of a Mediterranean sagra — traditional local street festivities. Petalstrewn processions, street markets with dozens of different stalls, authentic local folklore and fireworks at midnight. Every village and church holds its own sagra so you can sometimes even get to see more than one in a single day. Music lovers will also find concerts ranging from classical music to jazz and rock. We will get you there and we will get you home, even after midnight.


Amore – just sunshine and romance

Take the love of your life on an idyllic boat ride. Find a spot on the sundeck and, with a glass of Prosecco in your hand, lie back and enjoy the sea and the amazing scenery. Take a dip in a romantic cove and then relax in the sunshine with a bite to eat. The late afternoon brings the most beautiful sunset of your life as we make our way over to Nerano on the mainland. After a sumptuous dinner at a top-notch restaurant or a simple and traditional seafront restaurant, we will take you back to Capri in the light of the silvery moon.


Tip: These special excursions work very well as gifts: Lucullus and Sagra for birthdays, Amore for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Tell us who you want to delight and how you want to do it and we will fix it.